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                   Seah Maister - Vocals, Keys, Guitar


                Jenna Earle - Vocals, Lead Guitar


                Karli Rose MacIntosh - Vocals Drums


Sound of the Sun is a Canadian rock band formed in 2009 in a back yard in Vancouver, BC.

SOTS is the brainchild of longtime friends Seah Maister (vocals, keys, guitar) Jenna Earle (vocals, lead guitar) and Karli Rose MacIntosh (vocals, drums). 

Sound of the Sun's harmony heavy, groove based compositions draw upon the essence of music from decades past. The band strikes a unique balance between soft and heavy, darkness and light.'


Sometime ago in Nelson, BC, a hotbed of music and creativity, Maister, Earle, and MacIntosh wrote and recored their first song in a matter of hours! while attending music school together. After a relocation to Vancouver (and the decision to start a band) Sound of the Sun began to build what has become their signature sound. 

​Seah grew up around the piano. Moving through many Canadian landscapes (prairies, mountains, and the west coast) her many homes had one common thread. They were always filled with the sounds of Classical Composers and Sultry Singers.


Coming from a musical family, as a child, Jenna would find any guitar she could, tune it into her own open tunings and play/write away. Deep into the Blues and Jazz, she was moved by anything with a story and soul. Growing up without running water and electricity, music was a great source of enjoyment and entertainment for Jenna.

Raised amongst the trees at the top of a mountain, Karli naturally chose the instrument that made the most noise. She also likes rock and roll, smiling and puppies.

Sound of the Sun has roots not only in Canada, but in California as well. The girls traveled to Santa Barbara in summer of 2012 to perform at a benefit concert in support of JAMS - a non profit music school and recording studio. They also sang background vocals for Jean-Michel Byron’s (former singer of TOTO) new record. Later that year they were invited back to play the Avocado Festival in Carpinteria, CA.

Since then SOTS has played the Avo Fest two more times (2013 and 2018) toured across BC (2014) including dates at the Tiny Lights Festival and the Kaslo Jazz Festival, lending guest vocals to the progressive rock/metal project Trailight’s second album, taking 3rd place (and a lot of beer!) in a month long acoustic battle of the bands and participating in Rock The Mic at the Hard Rock Casino.

The ladies have recently finished recording a 3 song EP and will be releasing the first single in early 2019, date TBA.